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The AGM for this year will be Sunday 27 October at 10.00 am.

Presentation night for 2019 will be Friday 15 November ( further details / cost to be decided).

Green fees for non-members have been increased to $20.00 for nine holes and $30.00 for 18 holes.



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Facilities & Rules


Collie Golf Club's traditional and spacious clubhouse incorporates a large bar serving internal and external areas, seating for as many as we ever seem to need, and a big dance floor.

It is surrounded by well kept gardens and a barbecue area, and incorporates a shady verandah to the rear, overlooking a view of the course to the forests beyond.

The clubhouse can be hired for private functions, and is located in a perfect position with panoramic views of the 5th tee, 6th green, 9th green, 10th tee, and 18th green.

The most important aspect - bar prices are low!

Change Rooms

Collie Golf Club's separate men's and ladies' change rooms are spacious, with all facilities expected, and we believe in maintaining them in immaculate condition.

Buggy Rooms

The club has two buggy sheds. Storage charges to keep bags and buggies on the premises and out of the car boot are only $35 a year including GST.

Motorized Cart storage is available on application and subject to current occupancy.

Grounds Staff

Collie Golf Club employs full time grounds staff led by Doug Bayley to maintain the course in the best possible condition year round. 


Substantial tarmac parking is provided, with plenty of graded parking areas behind to cope with the overflow on major competition days. Bays are wide and deep.

Putting Green

A practice putting green is provided in front of the clubhouse for use by members, guests and visitors.

Driving Range

Collie's driving range is to the west of the clubhouse, and includes a practice chipping and bunker area. The facility may be used by members, guests and visitors. Bring your own practice balls (except prior to the Saturday competition), as you must pick them up yourself - good exercise, and an incentive to hit them straight!

Bar Hours

Sunday: when an event is scheduled
Monday: closed
Tuesday: 2.00 to 6.00
Wednesday: closed
Thursday: 12.30 to 6.30
Friday: closed
Saturday: 11.30 to 7.30

Dress Rules

While we try to be relatively informal, certain standards must be adhered to. The minimum standard of dress on course or in the clubhouse is a shirt with collar, dress shorts or trousers, shoes and socks. Steel sprigs are allowed, but golf shoes may not be worn in the clubhouse. Leather sandals may be worn in the clubhouse only during the summer season. No football shorts, board shorts, tee shirts, singlets or thongs are permitted on the course or in the clubhouse.


We welcome casual visitors playing green fee rounds, for which the fee is $15 for 9 holes and $25 for 18.

The club has two golf carts available for hire at $20 for nine holes and $35 for 18.

Visitors with registered handicaps who wish to play in club competitions are also very welcome.

Check the Contact Us page to make arrangements, or contact any member you may know.


Local Rules - Permanent

1. Out of Bounds

The River - during play of all holes where applicable.
#1 fairway - left hand side of fence.
#2 fairway - left hand side of fence, and drain as marked.
#16 fairway - right hand side of fence, and drain as marked.
#18 fairway - line of sight of red markers adjacent to practice fairway.

2. Power Lines
A ball striking power lines on the fairway being played MUST be replayed without penalty. Rule 33-8/13.

3. Ant's Nests
Ants nests to be treated as G.U.R. Rule 33-8/24.

4. Staked Trees
If a staked tree interferes with player's stance or intended swing the ball must be lifted and dropped at nearest point of relief no nearer hole being played. Rule 24-2B.

5. Kangaroo Paws & Orchids
Ball may be dropped away if both player and marker agree that the flowers would be damaged in playing the ball as it lies. 

6. Banks of Greens
When a ball comes to rest on the bank of a green NOT BEING PLAYED the ball MUST be lifted and dropped at nearest point of relief no nearer the hole being played. 

7. Sprinklers & Fixed Sprinkler Heads
Unmoveable obstructions. Relief if they interfere with swing or stance, in accordance with Rule 24-2.

8. Chipping & Putting Practice
Chipping and putting practice is to be on practice area in front of and to the left of the clubhouse only.

9. Immovable Objects
All signs and the safety fence by the 12th green are immovable objects, with relief available ONLY if the object interferes with stance or swing.

10. Ground Under Repair (GUR)
All areas marked as GUR attract relief of one club length, no nearer the hole. All tyre tracks are treated as GUR.

11. Ditch on 16
The ditch running across the 16th hole is treated as Casual Water.

12. Motorised Carts
Carts must NEVER be driven within 10 metres of a green or its surrounds, driven over any tee box or its apron, beyiond the blue lines used to protect the greens and their approaches, driven in such a manner as to damage the natural bush or wildflowers, driven or parked on any part of the verandah surrounding the clubhouse, parked is such a way as to block access to the clubhouse, or driven in winter on any part of the 16th hole except outside the left side of the fairway.


Local Rules - Temporary

1. Machinery Damage
Damage caused by machinery through the green may be treated as G.U.R. Relief in accordance with Rule 25-1(b).

2. Preferred Lie
6" (150mm) preferred lie on closely mown fairway. Lifted ball MUST be marked.

3. Sprinklers
Sprinklers may be propped with stick or club. Relief may be taken for swing or stance.

4. Embedded Ball
Through the green, a ball which is embedded in its own pitch mark, other than sand, may be lifted without penalty, cleaned and dropped as near as possible to where it lay, but not nearer the hole. The ball when dropped must first strike a part of the course through the green.